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Our Story

Our journey began as two high school sweethearts who found a connection through a shared love of travel, languages and an easy-going outdoor lifestyle. After ten years apart, and individual adventures spanning the globe, we reconnected and were married under the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  

Inspired by our honeymoon travels and discovery of women’s cooperatives that were igniting economic growth in their villages, we launched our first business which allowed us to support the growth of these cooperatives by sharing their handmade goods here in the States. Soon after, we expanded our offering and together as newlyweds, new parents and new business partners, we grew our business from our basement office with sleeping babies on our laps.

In 2007 Stacy was diagnosed with cancer. This was a turning point for us, directing us to what mattered most: a joyful life, good health, and our family. Bevara was created out of this experience and a desire to put our lives into perspective. We commenced a journey to seek simple, beautiful and lasting heirlooms which reflected our values. We chose the name Bevara, which in Swedish means “to preserve, protect, and maintain” or simply, to keep. This we hoped would capture the spirit of our business, our time together, and our time on this planet.
We love our family time. Our time with our girls is precious whether we are doing homework, housework or reading bed time stories and scheming about tomorrow’s adventures. Home is sacred. Home is safety. Home is where we can find meaningful moments in the simple unfolding of daily life. It’s where we can draw a bath, draw a picture, draw attention to what’s missing. It’s where we make a mess, make birthday cakes, make memories. Home is where you find yourself. Home is finding beauty in imperfection.

These ideals shape our brand and influence our vision for our collections. We bring together natural materials, organic surfaces and elegant design to create beautiful pieces for your home and ours. We offer California made products as well as a selection of imported pieces which include sustainably harvested woods and pieces within our Eco Concrete collection.

Stacy & Erik Jorgensen

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