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"Honest goods, sincere living"

We offer thoughtfully designed goods that inspire the moments, traditions and rituals that make life meaningful.

We believe in the importance of making and taking moments.  These instances serve to deepen connections, recharge the mind, and build perspective. Whether it be the peaceful solitude found over a cup of coffee before sunrise or the uninhibited bliss sparked by a drive down the California coast, we believe that the products we choose should serve to enhance the moments we appreciate most.

We design at the intersection of simple, lasting and sincere.

SIMPLE  We design simple products for simple pleasures. We maintain a pared-down approach to design in order to achieve a balance of natural beauty and dependable utility. 

LASTING  Honest practices make for lasting products. Every part of our production process is practiced with sustainability in mind. We’re committed to fair labor, renewable resources, and goods built to last. 

SINCERE  Our products pursue meaningful experiences, rather than fleeting trends. They will always be in service of inspiring the moments, traditions and rituals that bring us joy. 

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